KKP EMpowerment Program

FEarfully & Wonderfully MAde Women Uplifting Other Women

Hey girl! If you're here, it's because you've realized your worth and power and you've decided you want to encourage other women to realize theirs. By being a Self-Love Advocate for Keya Kaptures Photography, you will have limitless opportunities to grow your networking skills as you help KKP change the world by encouraging women in your circle to love themselves and their bodies fully just as God made them.

I am so grateful that you are here and ready to put in the work to be the best advocate for this incredible collective of women, what we stand for, and the gorgeous imagery I create for women everywhere to reclaim their magic!

Please read the following information and then complete the application so that I can ensure I am choosing the absolute best representative for the KKP Empowerment Program.

"I praise [God] because i am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are [his] works, my soul knows this very well"

Psalm 139:14

Self-Love Advocate Requirements


  1. Must complete the Pre-survey in its entirety
  2. Memorizing KKP's Self-Love Advocate's Mission Statement
  3. Must agree to moderate the "Boudoir By Keya Kaptures" Facebook group by:
  4. Commenting and engaging with others in the group 3-5 days per week
  5. Posting engaging content in the group at least 2x a week, according to content guidelines
  6. Spread the Empowerment message in the following ways:
  7. Share Keya Kaptures Photography services, group, and mission via word of mouth and social media opportunities
  8. Post at least 1 image from your sessions with KKP on your personal Facebook and/or Instagram once a month
  9. Write a full Google review
  10. Signed Model Release and Contract
  11. Complete the Post-survey in its entirety

"Love your neighbors as (you love) yourself"

Matthew 22:39

Self-Love Advocate Representation

Representation is everything!

  1. The Advocate agrees that she will not make any statements or opinions on behalf of KKP that may seem discriminatory based on sex, race, religion, nationality, etc.
  2. The advocate agrees that she will not promote violence or participate in violent activities for the duration of her contract
  3. The advocate agrees not to publish any material representing KKP without prior written approval
  4. The advocate may not promote any other company or individual that is not affiliated with KKP
  5. The advocate may not use any other boudoir photographer for the duration of her contract

"Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded"

Hebrews 10:35

Self-Love Advocate perks

Not only will you grow in love and acceptance towards yourself (which is obviously the biggest perk of all!), but you will get ALL of these awesome things as well when you join KKP's Empowerment Program:

  1. $200 in product credit for each month successfully completed representing KKP to use towards images and products (that's up to $600 credit per contract!!!)
  2. 30% off a la carte products
  3. Choose from 6 creative themed sessions including but not limited to:
  4. Beach "summer bodies" Session
  5. Talents Session
  6. Gothic Session
  7. Christmas Theme
  8. Color Pop Theme
  9. Flower Top Session
  10. Receive a Full Luxury Boudoir Session with Hair and Make-up
  11. Receive one Non-Boudoir Session (family, couple, beauty, etc.)
  12. Self-Love Empowerment Retreat
  13. Receive at least 2 digital images from each session
  14. Earn $250 REAL cash when each time you refer someone and they book with KKP!

sound good so far?

Let's get to the fun part!

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